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Professional charismatic male disciplinarian administers spanking services fulfilling spanking needs for ladies & women

I regularly administer discipline spanking to ladies of all ages over the age of 18 who are just in need of fully-clothed,non-sexual spanking,domestic discipline and traditional corporal punishment although punishment may occasionally be administered over the bare bottom always respecting and keeping within pre-determined boundaries.Ladies & women who feel that they need to atone for past misdeeds or feel the need for disciplinary guidance in their current lifestyles with spanking therapy or a more authentic traditional formal six of the best type of disciplinary punishment with slippering,strapping,paddling or caning.
Some ladies desire a more erotic,sensual spanking discipline session with fantasy fulfillment combined with massage therapies as opposed to formal spanking discipline so I cater for both aspects providing a discreet,confidential spanking service in London & consensual,safe space setting to explore all your spanking requirements needs always respecting your boundaries.

Please do not enter this website if you are under the age of 18.

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"The Master never repeats or imitates others-The artist is always unique.I consider myself to be both a master and artist."

I am totally non-scene as I do not visit websites,clubs or parties regarding spanking thus keeping my own website and ideas original. "


I am a professional disciplinarian so I do charge a fee of 40 for my spanking services.

I charge a discounted price fee of 20 for spanking services to students over 19.

My spanking services are free when requested with my holictic,therapeutic or erotic,sensual massage services as I will only charge you for the massage therapy.


I only ever administer discipline for ladies and I do NOT offer services to couples so I politely request NO male,TS or TV contact under any circumstances regarding my spanking services,seeking advice or any other enquiries relating to my services.No male contact includes booking my services for a wife or girlfriend as a surprise however the female partner is welcome to contact me in person.

I do not accept withheld numbers and absolutely NO male contact.


I am personally based in SW London where it is possible visit my studio at my personal discretion and I travel throughout all areas of Central & Greater London or further afield on a regular basis with my various vocational services.


I would like to assure you for your peace-of-mind that I do not retain telephone numbers/emails,keep records of appointments or home addresses if I am booked to visit you and I would never contact you unless requested to do so before or after an appointment.I am a discreet professional disciplinarian on every level at all times for your further assurances of client confidentiality,discretion and privacy.


If this is your first time booking the services of a male disciplinarian offering corporal punishment spanking discipline services then it is quite understandable if you are feeling a little nervous or apprehensive.Please feel free contact me at your discretion via email although I would prefer to answer any questions you may have in more detail in a friendly understanding courteous manner with a discreet telephone conversation as opposed to email or text communication.


My regular clientele have varying vocations coming from all walks of life with different personal reasons for contacting me and can range in age from between 19-65 so please do not be shy or apprehensive when making contact.I am contacted on an almost daily basis and regularly make appointments with discerning ladies and women in need of corporal punishment spanking discipline so please do not be apprehensive,nervous or shy in making an initial enquiry as you are not alone in seeking my services.My usual female clientele tend to be attractive,articulate,cultured,eloquent,elegant,slim,stylish ladies with varying vocations,careers and backgrounds.I do acknowledge that many of the ladies featured within my galleries or videos are aged between 21-40 so I hope that this does not put off the more mature lady seeking my services as I regularly spank ladies between 40-65 and I have not had the chance to feature mature ladies.


You are a normal person constrained by socieities conventions frustrated by your inability to realise your desires and thoughts regarding spanking discipline.You desire and feel a need to be punished,to be instructed to bend over and to be spanked.


By way of introduction-My name is Simon,however you will address me as Sir during the administration of your discipline.I am an experienced English disciplinarian administering authentic formal,traditional corporal punishment spankings to discerning ladies and women in need of strict discipline fulfilling all your spanking needs in discreet privacy.Please peruse the massage galleries to view my physical attributes and images.

I am NOT interested in any forms of bondage,BDSM,S/M,pain or fetish.I am a genuine man who has a penchant for administering spanking discipline. 

Please do not worry about several images featuring the cane as my photographic images are only to illustrate general spanking discipline and not intimating that you will actually be caned or receive a caning.

I would just like to make it clear from the outset stating for the record that some ladies feel the need for authentic,fully-clothed,non-sexual discipline without any nudity during punishment which of course is absolutely fine & nudity is not a pre-requisite by any means.I am always consciously aware that this is all about your own desires or fantasy fulfillment and not my own desires so I am always very careful to observe your wishes and stay within our pre-arranged boundaries.We will establish all the definitive boundaries to be observed before your spanking discipline is administered.We do not need to make use of any "safe" words as I will have discerned your limits in the first few minutes of administering your discipline due to my experience.

I am considered to be articulate,charismatic,intelligent with an assertive,confident,self-assured,instinctively dominant nature yet despite my dominance when administering discipline I am always approachable,friendly and sympathetic to your spanking needs respecting your boundaries.


I will summon you to me for your punishment,lecture you on the error of your ways whatever they may be then instruct you to bend over.The sight of your bottom greets my eyes as you feel the cool air flowing over your glowing buttocks reveling in the consuming adrenalin and anticipation of a well-deserved,sound disciplinary spanking administered by a strict disciplinarian.

I will then make you stand against the wall with your hands on your head or continue bending over giving you time to reflect on your punishment while I stand behind you.You turn to liquid and tingle feeling ashamed,vulnerable,submissive as I prepare you for another sound spanking.

Although you are submitting for discipline I shall respect your limits with pre-established boundaries at ALL times as I am very aware as this is about your punishment thoughts and NOT my own.I am very approachable so feel free to contact me in the first instance in complete confidence for more information and please do not feel embarrassed about asking any questions that you might have.You may have experienced discipline before and know exactly where your needs lie or you may be totally inexperienced feeling naturally nervous and apprehensive which I fully understand having punished so many ladies before you thus needing to be guided with dominance yet care through your spanking experience so do be assured that you are in very capable hands as I am experienced and skilled in administering corporal punishment spanking discipline.

"I happened across your website and it piqued my curiosity.I was inspired by both your eloquent words and images.Though confident in every day life I have always been too shy to follow up my lifelong desire to be soundly spanked.Being a complete novice I am not sure where my limits lie but I would like to experience a sound spanking over a handsome man's lap or bed followed by a taste of punishment in whatever positions he deems appropriate.I embrace the thought of not being in control wondering what the next part of my punishment may be.Being told to ask for punishment or thank him for it then maybe feeling embarrassment with my submission after the punishment discipline whereby I am willing to follow instructions in case I make my situation worse.I suppose you are used to ladies with their trepidation so how do you think I could overcome my doubts?"

From an email sent to me in September 2012

"I am a female university student writing a paper for a Human Sexuality class.I hope this does not seem too unusual coming to you through and via your informative website.The subject I chose was spanking and corporal punishment discipline and why a male and female may be drawn to it or what type of gratification they may receive from it.I must say your website is very intriguing me thus making me want to experiment with discipline and receive a spanking myself.I wish to learn about these things in a proper atmosphere,I am 21 years old and I would really like to have the experience of a disciplinary spanking"


The need to be spanked,especially by an experienced male disciplinarian,is a lot more common than you may have thought.Spanking offers a clear,tangible and simple punishment for any bad behaviour or guilty feelings.You may need to be punished for a specific past event for something more recent in your life.When the punishment is over you will feel guilt-free,fulfilled,relaxed and refreshed.Many women seek a therapeutic catharsis to deal with regressed or built up emotions attributed to events in their past or present.Whatever your spanking needs may be I am here to listen in a totally non-judgmental environment enabling you to fulfill your desires.


Spanking Therapy is a safe and understanding environment in which you can explore spanking discipline and corporal punishmentSeeking an open and understanding environment to talk about discipline processing and exploring your thoughts and needs.Seeking an ongoing disciplinary relationship with a caring and nurturing authority figure to work through your behaviour issues with spanking.Seeking a safe space to experience your discipline in a professional,non-threatening environment free of the pressure of relationships.


My regular female clientele can range in age anything between 19 to 65 years so please feel assured that you are not alone when making contact with me to fulfill your spanking needs.I was sent a link to an online feature regarding a clinic who offers traditional corporal punishment to treat compulsive misbehaviour which fascinated me as the clinic/patients claim a very high cure rate.I know this discipline scenario has been a source of fascination for many women over my years of administering discipline and have had ladies who have booked my own spanking services for similar reasons to keep their behaviour on track.

I regularly administer corporal punishment spanking discipline to ladies of all ages over the age of 19 and have often been booked by university students for being too lazy or apathetic in life or with their university studies.I regularly administer corporal punishment,spanking discipline to more professional,career ladies of all ages into their sixties with varying vocations from professional city bankers,barristers,lawyers,office workers,teachers and other ladies from academic or artistic,creative backgrounds.I am often contacted by female therapists from all over the world but especially the UK such as counsellors,life coaches,hynotherapists and psychotherapists for both advice regarding corporal punishment spanking and actual appointments in connection with their own research work.I am not going to catagorise my usual female clientele any further other than to state that you all have your own personal needs and you need not feel alone,ashamed,embarrassed or guilty in seeking spanking discipline.

I have ladies who book me to receive discipline from an authority figure and there are also ladies from all walks of life,vocations and differing ages just seeking retribution from a caning,slippering,hand spanking,domestic discipline and formal corrective corporal punishment for general misbehaviour so in essence your need for discipline is always personal to yourself and never about my own interest in corporal punishment.I am more than content to administer corrective punishments for misbehaviour so I instruct you not view some of my spanking images featuring nudity as a pre-requisite.

You may be an experienced,submissive female or a lady with no experience who would like to explore corporal punishment having perhaps subconsciously read or absorbed details about corporal punishment retaining subliminal thoughts when younger or have witnessed another person receiving a spanking which has subsequently fascinated you since childhood during your formative years.I particularly enjoy administering traditional discipline including "school-scene" corporal punishment or domestic discipline with caning,paddling,strapping and slippering but I do not dress for the punishment or recreate roleplay scenarios as your punishment will be in the here and now to atone for present or past misdemeanors which you may list before I administer discipline.

For some ladies spanking is not all about corporal punishment discipline and they desire spanking as part of erotic,sensual,sexual fantasy foreplay.Therefore this aspect is fine if you desire a more sensually stimulating spanking as a prelude to your massage treatment or just on its own.A very popular request from ladies seeking erotic,sensual spanking is for myself to shoot my spunk over the spanked bare bottom splattering the buttocks or any other part of the body with hot cum to complete your submission after a sound spanking.I would then soothe your red spanked bottom with massage strokes after spurting my semen as your sweet reward for your submission.


Due to popular request I am now offering a very discreet spanking phone call service whereby if a potential female client who maybe very nervous,apprehensive and just plain shy in making an appointment with me in person may wish to have a telephone conversation safely,securely and confidentially regarding corporal punishment,spanking discipline with a pre-arranged time-slot day or evening when we are both mutually free.Women have been asking me in recent months I would talk them through a corporal punishment spanking scenario of their choice finding this introductory method of communication very stimulating as opposed to making an actual appointment in person.

Extract from an email sent June 2013

"Dear Sir,I discovered your wonderfully informative website trying to gain a better understanding of my inner feelings and desire to receive the very spanking services that you provide.Because of my initial inhibitions coupled with the embarrassment in discussing this matter with close friends I began searching for more insight into corporal punishment discipline then almost immediately I happened across your website after typing in spanking discipline for ladies.Researching this topic can be a challenge because of the many degrading sites but it appears that you offer domestic discipline spanking with other therapeutic services with an artistic flair which is so reassuring for me enabling me to feel safe,secure and confident in making first contact with you.Especially as I am only seeking non-sexual,fully-clothed authentic discipline and spankings.It was also comforting to understand that there are many respected professional women with the same desires as mine as well as younger students or ladies who also desire or crave traditional,formal corporal punishment,domestic discipline or even erotic sensual spankings.After perusing your website I now feel there is nothing abnormal about my own thoughts.In addition,your informative,detailed response to my initial email enquiry helped to validate your professionalism as a dominant disciplinarian headmaster and therapist.The more thought I put into this,the more I am feeling that there is nothing wrong with acting on something that helps make a person feel good about themselves and I imagine it must be liberating for the women who have been brave enough to act on their spanking fantasy desires."

























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