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I recommend viewing my hen party life drawing galleries for many more images which I feel reflect the fun that we are all enjoying together at the parties...


The life drawing usually lasts for an hour and a half but I never ever "clock-watch".You are assured of a fantastic,fun time and guaranteed value for money from a highly motivated,experienced professional life model as I always enjoy my work keeping my modelling fees very reasonable for 150.

I am very professional when taking bookings and I do ask for a 50 deposit with the balance owning on the day or by transfer the week prior to the party.The 50 deposit is refundable for cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances one month prior to any party booking.I will then send you a confirmation email to confirm the booking and receipt of the deposit transfer for your own assurances and records.

I am very aware that you have other expenses to take into account with your budgets such as accommodation with dining and other entertainment activities thus keeping my fees realistic for your special day together.If I am to travel out of London Zone 6 by public transport then I do ask for my train fares and any additional taxi fares if necessary to be taken into account too,but I assure you that I am very fair with my fares and never gratuitous when asking for additional fare renumeration.I am able to purchase train tickets relatively inexpensively when booking in advance and I meticulously plan my journey in advance always arriving on time.

I do travel to your location by public transport as unfortunately my helicopter crashed into my Lamborghini which was parked on my yacht at the time.


I do NOT charge a fee per person thus keeping your party budget within reason.I am willing to negotiate substantial price fee concessions for smaller groups of circa 2 to 8 ladies when booked by artists,smaller parties or ladies who lunch.

I am willing and able to provide all the drawing materials that you will need in certain circumstances and this is negotiable at a reasonable additional cost.However this is not always possible as I am frequently booked to model for three or four parties on any one Saturday throughout the year and it is not feasible or viable for me to carry all the drawing pads coupled with the art materials travelling by public transport.I can recommend that you purchase A4 drawing pads,lead pencil,sharpeners,erasers and coloured crayons/pencils (to put some colour in my cheeks!) from reputable online mail order companies or outlets such as Poundland,Tiger and Wilkinsons as art shops can be expensive,Then all you will need is me to arrive for the life drawing session which will be unlike any other you may experience.



In my vast wealth of hen party experience with hundreds of party bookings that I have NEVER encountered a bad reaction,even with the most shy,reserved or prudish of ladies at parties.As the bride-to-be realises that I am a life model and NOT a stripper,she usually becomes more relaxed and then grows excited about the concept of life drawing coupled with enjoying some artistic,creative fun.I have been a professional life model since the age of 19 with a vast wealth of experience so I am able to guide you through a selection of poses with my own tutorledge and knowledge advising you on drawing techniques without the need for an art tutor.


The beauty of booking me personally and contacting me directly to arrange the hen party life drawing session is that you are able to discuss the the finer details coupled with the element of surprise scenario in exact detail so we all know what we are doing on the day.I always give my organiser a customery,courtesy phone call or we speak at her convenience in the week prior to the party booking to pay special attention to the element of surprise.This can include you all drawing something else to begin with and I will be waiting outside the door in the wings as-it-were after being secretly and discreetly let in by one of the ladies in which case you can settle all the girls down with their drawing pads to begin drawing a fun object of your choice which I will leave to your imagination and discretion.

The ladies will all wonder why they are drawing at a hen party so you can then suggest that whatever you are drawing is boring and that you are going to find something more interesting to draw - Which will be me waiting in the wings as it were being the "something" more interesting to draw.You can then introduce me into the female fold perhaps saying "Girls! You will not believe this,but look what else I have found to draw".

You could even commence drawing the bride-to-be for five minutes on the pretence an artistic activity then writing good luck message on your drawings as a momento.

I can then enter the room wearing just sexy shorts or completely naked wearing just my "birthday suit" at your discretion to suit the party introducing myself to the ladies working my charm and charisma so the ladies graciously compliment and tell me!

If I am wearing some shorts then the ladies may then wonder if I pose completely nude so we can tease them by me wearing them until the big moment of my revealing all.I can assure you that this grand entrance will guarantee surprised laughter and giggles letting the fun,frivolity and frolics begin by wishing the hen or birthday girl a very happy hen party gently whispering to her and reassuring her that I am NOT stripper,but a life model to entertain her with a tasteful,creative,artistic life drawing class much to her visible relief.

I am always aware of what to expect with the hen's and ladies personalities having liased with the hen party organiser prior to all my parties,but I immediately analyse the mood of the party,personalities and most importantly the hen knowing exactly where to pitch the modelling session.

If you have any other suggestions of surprise scenarios with your own ideas perhaps to suit the party theme or personality of the bride-to-be,then please feel free to discuss this with me when we have our initial chat regarding the finer details and logistics of the hen party booking.

Another fun scenario incorporates my acting skills adopting the role of a maintenance man sent on the pretence of investigating a problem in the bathroom whereby I feign surprise meeting the ladies then go upstairs only to return in just sexy shorts declaring there is nothing wrong with the plumbing...

I could always rely on my drama acting experience and pretend to be a genuine waiter or the manager if your party is to be hosted in a function room commencing by entering the room charming the ladies whilst pouring drinks only to then reveal myself as the nude male model.

If you wish to aim for the maximum shock factor and with the space or room allowing - I can adopt a classical,statuesque pose waiting completely naked in the room where the life drawing party is to be hosted waiting for the hen followed by the other ladies to make their entrance seeing me for the first time.


In my vast wealth of experience of modelling for hen night parties-It has nearly always been suggested by the guests that at the end of the drawing that the hen/bride-to-be or even the bridesmaids (at the choice of the hen to get sweet revenge for her own initial surprise with me!) pose with myself to suit their own boundaries,comfort and compatability!! The pose usually lasts for approximately 5 minutes for photographs and drawings.I am always aware that the whole life drawing session has been a surprise for her entertainment and NEVER over-step any boundaries or comfort-zones with her at any time during the pose keeping still-In fact it is usually the highlight of the drawing session and so much fun for all.I can always seem to gauge if the hen is comfortable with the idea of posing with myself and I NEVER push or suggest this idea myself always being careful not to take any of the ladies out of their comfort zones.Sometimes the bridesmaids or other guests will be encouraged to pose with me too but if not then we can finish with a longer pose of your choice.I do model in a variety of different classical poses offering my own tutorledge with artistic guidance.

We can be both inventive and creative playing some fun games when drawing to make the life drawing session even more interesting fun.You can also arrange some token first,second and third prizes for your friends after the drawing with different catagories such as best technical artistic,funniest,worst or sexiest drawing when you can write good luck messages for your special friend.


I assure you that your party and life drawing session will always remain sophisticated,stylish and classy as the ladies who tend to book my professional modelling services are professional upmarket ladies with various vocations.I am in fact very quintessentially aware and astute in analysing the mood and personalities of the ladies in the first few moments when I make my "grande entrance" into the party and I of course find out more about the hen herself and the nature of the ladies when I am liasing with the bridesmaids/hen party organiser who has initially booked me so that we ensure that there is no room for any "faux-pas" or going beyond any boundaries.

I never transgress any personal boundaries or comfort zones when posing with the girls but after all they are hen parties and some playful,naughtiness is bound to ensue on some occasions coupled with natural exuberance and adrenalin.Some parties on the other hand can also be very conservative with some prudish personalities taking afternoon tea with their life drawing session which again is absolutely fine as I used to be a professional life model in all of the London art/fashion establishments for mainstream artistic life modelling.

I always gauge the mood of the ladies in the first few moments when I am introduced and as the party progresses further gauging just how far to go and not too far to go with some of the naughtiness which I NEVER initiate,but I am happy to play along with the girls if they are playful in high spirits wishing to pose for photographs.In other words if the girls are feeling playful,then I will play back...


Well at least with one "hitch" that is the hen getting hitched...

I modelled for a party in Whitstable,Kent in July 2013 and the ladies had hired the most spectacular house overlooking the sea.I decided to make my way to the town earlier that Friday day thus making a day-trip combined with my party booking on Friday evening at the hired house.Whilst I was in the town the hen party organiser phoned me to frantically inform me that although she had meticulously pre-purchased all the art pads and drawing materials then were on route from London and had forgotton to pack them.She asked if I might be able to source the materials and that she had discovered an art shop in the main shopping centre.To my disbelief the shop had closed for a half-day so my only option was to find the pads and materials elsewhere.
I discovered a "99p" shop further down the quiant high street.They had a very limited selection and I can only say that the girls were highly amused to be drawing my naked torso on My Little Pony drawing pads..

So almost without a hitch!


I was once asked "Do you ever paint yourself Simon?" To which I replied "Well I used to but it's such a hassle to wash off!"

You can always read my new book before the life drawing party which is titled "How to Get A-Head in Life Drawing!"

I was once asked what my own taste in art is to which I replied "I'm not sure - I've never bitten any!"

It could be an interesting idea to have the life drawings laminated to use as place mats at the forthcoming wedding reception...

One lady did kindly comment that if all men think with their penis then I must indeed be a genius.I am a member of the high intelligence organisation MENSA so many a true word in jest.

I am not a male life model but a male life "muddle"

And of course  "Does my bum look big in this?" Hee Hee!

"Hi Simon,I just wanted to say thanks SO much for making our party so brilliant yesterday.You tailored it really well to the group so everyone loved it.You definitely made all the girls feel at ease with your personality making the life drawing a really memorable activity." Maria

"Thanks so much Simon - We all had lots of fun.You pitched it perfectly for all the ladies to enjoy!" Helen


All images and text are protected under strict copyright.Any unauthorised reproduction of the photographic images or text herewith and within this website or galleries is not permitted under any circumstances.This copyright infringement warning especially applies to naturist nudist websites and all CFNM related websites or forums all of which are regularly checked on my behalf.This legal copyright warning includes and extends to placing links back to this website or any of my associated galleries from other websites and forums.


Why have cotton when you can have silk...














'What a piece of work is man' Shakespeare





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