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By way of introduction,my name is Simon and I am a professional,fully trained,straight English male massage therapist in tune with the needs of my clientele who enjoy sensual satisfaction and complete relaxation with my massage treatments.

I am personally based in SW London where I am able to offer my treatments in my studio apartment at my personal discretion with my mobile massage service covering all London.

I do travel further afield with my mobile service offering erotic sensual massage for women in Bath,Cambridge,Dorset,Hampshire,Kent,Oxford,Surrey & Sussex.

UPDATE: I will be staying at a luxury hotel in Sandbanks,Poole,Dorset in connection with my life modelling work on Saturday May 16th & Sunday May 17th returning to London circa 5pm on Monday May 18th if you would like to book my massage services in the area during this time


NO male email,phone or text contact please as my massage services are for LADIES ONLY

My apologies gentlemen,but I am a totally straight massage therapist so I politely request NO male email,phone or text contact under any circumstances regarding any of my massage services.NO MALE CONTACT also includes seeking advice & work opportunities,any other enquiries relating to my services or booking my services for a female partner as a surprise.

I do NOT offer any of my massage services for couples and only treat individual ladies on their own or two ladies booking my services at the same time.


Welcome to an erotic,sensual,sexually stimulating,naturist massage service for your personal pleasure combined with holistic,therapeutic massage treatments and erotic encounters free from romantic entanglement with a male massage therapist exclusively for cosmopolitan,stylish women who love to have fun enjoying the finer aspects of life.With the stresses and strains of modern day life forever increasing many modern women appreciate that their own private time should be quality time.What could be a more satisfying,tempting way of spending your valued personal time than enjoying a magical massage in the charming company of a charismatic,confident sexy male massage therapist to leave you feeling sensually satisfied,fully relaxed,rejuvenated and revitalised.

If you are the type of woman wishing to feel wanted and appreciated either after a long hard day or simply because you believe you deserve that special treatment then I am your perfect massage therapist who is fun,caring,outgoing,a good listener,generous and a very giving and totally unselfish fully trained massage therapist who is able to offer a therapeutic massage combined with a more sensual,erotic,tender touch.I am also able to offer romantic,intimate sexual fantasy fulfillment with massage if so desired.

I am articulate,confident,highly intelligent,self-motivated,quintessentially aware,entrepreneurial with a passionate,playful,fun loving attitude to life and able to converse with like-minded individuals.I have excellent communications skills and a very pleasing personality being very friendly and always approachable,so I am the ideal male massage therapist for the more apprehensive,nervous,prudish and even shy ladies as well as the more adventurous,confident outgoing women for discreet,confidential visits to my studio or your location.

I am very passionate about my massage work and I am very much looking forward to meeting discerning ladies who will fully appreciate my warmth,understanding and charisma combined with erotic,sensual massage.I am attentive,caring and a generous giving man also being an attentive listener.I particularly pride myself on offering a very exciting,erotic experience with your massage and time spent in my charming company (so the ladies generously and kindly tell me!) as I adore the thrill and excitement of treating my female clientele to sensual Tantric massage.


My usual female clientele tend to be aged between 21 to 65 with varying vocational careers and backgrounds so please be assured you are not alone in seeking my services.I do acknowledge that most the women currently featured within my websites and galleries are aged between 23 to 55.I hope that this does not put off the more mature lady seeking my services as I regularly treat ladies between the ages of 55 to 65.I am more than happy to treat the younger woman,over the age of 18 of course,to the more mature woman in her sixties as I think that age is an abstract concept so it really does not matter as we all have basic needs which we seek to have fulfilled.

I am contacted on an almost daily basis with enquiries and regularly treat women with my massage services so please do not be apprehensive,nervous or shy in making an initial enquiry and please also be assured that are not alone in seeking my massage services for your own peace of mind.Please feel free to make initial contact with me in complete confidence at your personal discretion to ask any questions and without any obligation of making an actual appointment if you just wish to find out more about my sensual massage services for women.


I would like to assure you for your peace-of-mind that I do not retain telephone numbers,emails or keep any records of appointments or home addresses if I visit you and I never contact you unless requested to do so before or after an appointment always respecting your privacy.


"Dear Simon,I was searching online for an erotic massage service exclusively for women and I came across your wonderful website.It is beautifully done and you seem like a charming,playful and intriguing man.This sort of massage has been a long time fantasy of mine which I am eager to fulfill with shameless,self indulgent pleasure" Emma

"I am totally happy to discover my inner sexual-self and explore what I could create with my new found passion however,I have never considered being pampered by a man booking an erotic,sensual massage.I then discovered your wonderful sensual erotic female-friendly massage website coupled with all your life modelling links and was impressed with your artistic and creative outlook on life.I was turned on and aroused by the way you articulated your thoughts,feelings having found your intelligence appealing as well as your images,The words on your page made sense having resonated with me so I have decided to be open to the idea of allowing myself to learn something sensual and special.Enjoying an erotic experience with you is tempting as I think I would feel totally comfortable with you allowing me to enjoy it." Amanda













Simon 07885 439071
Erotic sensual massage

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