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'What a piece of work is man'


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By way of introduction-My name is Simon.I am English and considered to be very articulate,caring,charismatic,charming,confident,eloquent,erudite,free thinking,friendly,intelligent,passionate,positive,provocative,totally approachable and self-assured yet very modest too being the least narcissistic man you will ever meet but it is all true I assure you.I am a "social chameleon" able to adapt to any situation and quintessentially aware being a discerning conversationalist with a fun,playful sense of humour being a conscientious,consummate professional.

I will guarantee to offer you the most relaxing,exquisite massage taking you on a unique journey of powerful pampering and relaxation with a dedicated approach to all my services.

Please peruse my galleries for my photographic images to offer you a view of my appearance.


Absolutely NO male contact please as my services are for LADIES ONLY


I reiterate and politely request NO male contact under any circumstances regarding my massage services,seeking advice or any other enquiries relating to my services.No male contact includes booking my services for a wife or girlfriend as a surprise.


I am contacted on an almost daily basis and regularly treat discerning ladies and women so please do not be apprehensive,nervous or shy in making an initial enquiry.My usual female clientele tend to be attractive,cultured,eloquent,elegant,slim,stylish ladies aged between 21-65 with varying vocations,careers and backgrounds so be assured you are not alone in seeking my services.

I would also encourage you to peruse all my massage,photograph gallery and video links.

I would just like to make it clear from the outset stating for the record that some ladies enjoy my erotic therapies without having genitalia stimulation,intimacy,full sex or complete nudity for both parties during massage which of course is absolutely fine and not a pre-requisite by any means.I am always very consciously aware that this is all about your own desires or fantasy fulfillment and not my own desires so I am always very careful to observe your wishes and stay within our pre-arranged boundaries.We will discuss and establish all the definitive boundaries to be observed when chatting prior to your appointment.

I would like to assure you for your peace-of-mind that I do not retain telephone numbers/emails,keep records of appointments or home addresses and I would never contact you unless requested to do so before or after an appointment.I am a very discreet,consummate professional on all levels always respecting client confidentiality,discretion and privacy.

I am a highly respected,experienced massage therapist and companion having a vast wealth of experience treating many happy satisfied ladies and women over the years with erotic sensual treatments.I will guarantee that you will most certainly enjoy your quality time spent in my charming,charismatic company (so the ladies kindly and graciously tell me!!) combined with your massage and will have you coming back for more fulfilling your innermost secret desires as your chosen therapist catering for all your personal needs.



"Dear Simon,I was searching online for an erotic massage service exclusively for women and I came across your wonderful website.It is beautifully done and you seem like a charming,playful and intriguing man.This sort of massage has been a long time fantasy of mine which I am eager to fulfill with shameless,self indulgent pleasure" Emma

"I am totally happy to discover my inner sexual-self and explore what I could create with my new found passion however,I have never considered being pampered by a man.I then discovered your wonderful sensual erotic female-friendly massage website coupled with all your life modelling links and was impressed with your artistic and creative outlook on life.I was turned on and aroused by the way you articulated your thoughts,feelings having found your intelligence appealing as well as your images,The words on your page made sense having resonated with me so I have decided to be open to the idea of allowing myself to learn something sensual and special.Enjoying an erotic experience with you is tempting as I think I would feel totally comfortable with you allowing me to enjoy it." Amanda

"I love to laugh and love the company of men.Real men.Confident men.Men who know when I need to be silent and can respect that.Gentleman,yet not always.I love the rebel too,the almost impish,boyish and playful quality that surfaces in a strong, confident man.When that spills over into passion and desire the combination is exquisite." Josephine









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